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Dear traveller

Our tourism portal invites you to stay in Järva County (Järvamaa), which is situated in the heart of Estonia, not far from the capital Tallinn or other main cities like Pärnu, Tartu, Viljandi.

Our county will show you different museums, manor houses and other attractions, and will invite you to participate in our events and various activities all year round.

How many of you are aware the Shelter of Old Vehicles in Järva-Jaani, or have seen the bicycle museum in Väätsa ? How many of you have been walking on the trails connected with our famous writer A. H. Tammsaare at Vargamäe, recorded a radio play in the Estonian Broadcasting Museum, made world-famous Estonian butter in the Estonian Dairy Museum or visited historical exhibition in the Rampart tower in Paide? You should have an excellent meal in a roadside restaurant Põhjaka manor and move on looking for adventures and discoveries, picturesque views and authentic impressions. You can enjoy the comforts of hotels as well as the unique smell of the smoke sauna. You choose whether you want to raise adrenaline on an adventure with hot air balloon, a canoeing or rafting tour, or to visit an alpacas or ostriches farms. All these possibilities are available and waiting for you in Järvamaa!

Järvamaa is known as an area of swamps and moors, springs as clear as crystal but also area of fertile soil, vast fields and great agricultural production. Our wealth lies in nature’s diversity and ancient cultural traditions. The territories of Endla Nature Reserve, Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve, Pandivere National Water Reserve extend to Järvamaa. If you are lucky, you might see some rear birds, such as spotted and golden eagles, black storks, let alone a great number of white storks.

In Järvamaa you can encounter specimens of most of the wild animals, bears and wolves among them. There is trout and crayfish in the rivers. Plant life is also rich, you will be enchanted by the Estonian orchids.

Local people value Järvamaa as an improved living environment, shaped by their work and caring attitude. That is the kind of Järvamaa known today as a travel destination.



Plan your trip to Järvamaa with useful traveller information for clicking on “Järva Tourism Info“

Järvamaa Tourist Information Centre
Phone: +372 385 0400
Address: Keskväljak street 8, Paide town, Järva county

Guides can introduce Paide and its sights:
Anneli Tumanski (ENG) +372 526 6772
Ellen Roosimannus (GER) +372 504 5617
Anna Kasak (RUS, GER) +372 5650 9716
Tiiu Saarist (FIN, RUS) +372 517 1855