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Türi Flower Fair

15. mai 2020

As it has for decades, the start of the peak season of spring gardening in Estonia is marked by the Türi Flower Fair, held on the fields on Kalevi Street in Türi. There are 700 merchants at the fair and it is visited by tens of thousands of visitors. Represented at the fair will be gardening companies, forestry schools, and private gardens, all with special offers designed to help gardeners improve their gardens. There is a wide range of plants, gardening tools, and household goods. Craftsmen also offer all kinds of handicraft items. There will also be a traditional fair programme.

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Kukemuru Ambient Festival

3. juuli 2020

"More sound, less music" – Kukemuru Ambient Festival focuses on naturally presenting the ambient culture (music, visual art) in a natural environment and therefore, creating an organic cohesion between contemporry culture and nature. Within five years, the festival has presented various ambient music from around the world – among others, the following have performed there: Biosphere from Norway (an internationally renowned artist), the founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, and Chris Watson, leading recorder of wildlife in the world.

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Opinion Festival / Arvamusfestival

7. august 2020

Opinion Festival takes place in Paide on August 7-8. 2020 The seventh Opinion Festival brings discussions and debates to  life  in the ideal environment, inspiring people to create new ideas and deeds, bringing them together. Through this, the Festival aims to develop a culture of discussion within society. We invite everyone to participate,  so that the many different voices and opinions of people in Estonia will be heard in discussions.  Entrance to the Festival is free!

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Viking Window Paide – Türi public race

27. september 2020

A popular public sporting event, taking place for the 39th time. It is possible to run different distances and take part in various competitions of varying degrees of difficulty. To learn more about your favorite distance, go to the competition website.

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