The meditative journey at Väe Farmstead

I am Kristine and I manage Väe Farmstead in Järva County, in the middle of bogs and forests. I live on Väe Farmstead, hand in hand with nature, sincerely and heartily respecting Mother Earth and myself as a part of nature. I share the joy and power of being in the moment with all who recognise themselves in the powerful call of nature at Väe Farmstead.You can come to Väe for a few hours or for several days. You will not be given the keys to Väe, but the door will be opened for you instead. I will receive you, sharing my home, insights and life with you. We will go to nature, we will experience the deeper sense of it - and thus of ourselves. We will do a tea journey, meditate and support the body with Yin yoga. We will also make a fire, listen to the silence, and just are.