Sauna House with a Russian heater by lake Toosikannu

The Russian sauna is special because its temperature is lower than in the usual Finnish sauna (about 60-70⁰), the heat comes from pouring water on the coals and it makes the air very humid. A wood fired sauna with a Russian heater could also be called a "semi-smoke sauna" because the steam is similar to that of a smoke sauna, and the sauna needs to be heated for a long time.  The sauna house includes a lounge that seats up to 15 people, on the second floor there is a large sleeping area that fits 10 mattresses. We offer catering and in our menu we have a diverse selection of dishes made from the meat of Estonian big game. The price includes accommodation, use of the sauna, and towels for 10 guests. The sauna offers beautiful views of the lake, and in the winter, there is an open ice hole.