Järva county is a green destination

Estonian Tourist Board is working in partnership with the Green Destinations to promote the principles of sustainable tourism in Estonia. Järva county is one of the seven destinations to take part in the pilot program that was launched in spring 2020 ans has been nominated in the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations list.

Take a look at the video introducing Järva county


Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation for sustainable destination development and recognition. Members of the Green Destinations Certification Programme are subject to a thorough assessment and certification procedure. Green Destinations certification is valid for 3 years and is thereafter subject to renewal, thus encouraging destinations to manage and improve environmental, cultural and social impacts of tourism by complying with the Green Destinations sustainability criteria.


There are many reasons for Järva county to participate in such a programme. Among local people in Estonia as well as visitors from other countries the demand for responsible travel is growing and people increasingly choose their destinations from among such places where they can be certain that the environment is being taken good care of and tourism is developed in a sustainable manner. Being a member in the international network gives us an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other destinations and implement their best practices, planning the customer journey based on sustainable principles, thereby at the same time making the living environment cleaner and more pleasant for our residents.


The core values of Green Destinations are:

  • genuine – supporting the authentic celebration of local culture and tradition;
  • responsible and Respectful – avoiding exploitation of people in tourism, and preventing disruptive mass tourism;
  • economically sustainable – involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment;
  • environment & climate-friendly – combatting the climate crisis, environmental degradation and pollution, whilst ensuring public health;
  • nature & scenery friendly – protecting scenic views, landscapes, natural habitats and wildlife.


Järva county as a green destinations has a lot to offer for visitors:

  • peace and quiet – opportunity to get away from the bustle of city life, to take time for yourself and to enjoy the nature;
  • a number of certified ecotourism services for families as well as the business customer;
  • unique thematic museums;
  • hospitable family businesses;
  • small hotels and guesthouses providing personal service;
  • simple and tasty local food


How to get to Järvamaa?

Due to its good position, in the middle of Estonia, the accessibility to larger settlements is very good.

In public transport, you can go to Järvamaa by train to Türi, and to Järvamaa’s largest city, Paide, there are quite a few intercity lines.

Many tourists use the established infrastructure of light traffic roads to cycle to Türi and from there to Paide and beyond. You can take a bicycle with you on the train. Follow the bicycle sign on the timetable!

You can find public transport timetables here – Elron trains and intercity bus transport Tpilet

A message of sustainability for visitors to Järva County