Järva county – destination for an eco-friendly traveler

Järva county as a green destination has a lot to offer – peace and quiet, opportunity to get away from the bustle of city life, to enjoy the nature and to take time for yourself.

Get in touch with the great outdoors in Toosikannu wildlife park on a bike safari, observing red deer, moose and also smaller animals like hare and fox in their natural habitat. Next, head to Kirna manor park to charge your batteries and experience the healing power of nature. Enjoy your meal at the primarily vegetarian Wabakohvik in Paide, but leave room for extra dessert that you will  prepare yourself, attending a glazed curd workshop at the Estonian Dairy Museum.

Hindreku talu silt rabarestosseOr would you rather learn how to weave baskets, look into the bottom of Estonia’s deepest spring in the forest or take a canoe trip to the bog restaurant in a secret hiding place? If you’re still yearning for more bog time, we suggest to take the iconic Estonian trail from Vargamäe to Järva-Madise church across Kodru bog or let a local guide show you the way to paths less traveled.

Open your heart to the heart of Estonia, you are warmly welcome.

Tee joomise peatus matkarajal

To keep our destination green, we kindly ask you to travel light and leave no trace when exploring the great outdoors.

Wishing to offer our visitors a better experience and to make our destination more sustainable, Järva county belongs to the Green Destinations international network.