Wintertime in the heart of Estonia

The wide open spaces that are so characteristic of Central Estonia, are especially magical in the wintertime. Do go on a snowshoe hike at Hindreku Farm, wander on your own around Kodru Bog, explore the circular trail of Väätsa Nature Reserve, listen to the flowing water of Norra Springs or admire the snow-covered surroundings of Prandi Springs. No matter the weather, you can enjoy the stunning beauty that Estonian nature has to offer.

Talvine piknik Väätsa rabas

It’s particularly exciting to track the footsteps of wild animals who don’t show themselves easily. Did you know that wild boars build a nest for their piglets so that they stay put in one place? You’ll learn this and many other insights from an experienced guide on the Jäägri Villa nature walk. With the stories by the bonfire your day in the forest passes by all too quickly. If you don’t have a whole day to spend, you can book a specific time to admire the elk at Toosikannu Wildlife Park. There’s no fun like snow fun… as you’ll find out on the snowmobile trail at Toosikannu Holiday Centre.

If you enjoy traditional skiing, head to Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre. In addition to its legendary cross-country skiing tracks, Valgehobusemäe also features a mountain ski slope for beginners, a snowboarding park and fun snow tubing activities.

Central Estonia is home to a number of unique museums. The Estonian Dairy Museum is a place where industrial heritage, unique product design, and delicious tastes come together. You can even create some new flavours for yourself at the curd snack workshop. Enticing, isn’t it? While milk is considered the white gold of Estonia, you can actually craft with literal gold here as well. Booking ahead, you can learn the beautiful art of gold embroidery from the talented master Lilian Bristol. Making art takes time, so be prepared to work with golden thread all day.

Paide Kitsas tänav

Paide, the capital of Järva county, invites you to explore its past and present. You can take a tour of Paide Old Town on your own with the help of your smartphone. If you want to learn more, pay a visit to the Wittenstein Time Centre in Paide rampart tower where you can observe and experience the eight time periods in Estonia’s history.