Spend a fun day in Central Estonia

Have you noticed how time flies? Especially fast when you are away from home, let alone on vacation. What if the driving time was shorter and the holiday started earlier? You can get to Järvamaa pretty quickly, no matter what part of the country you are in, because Järvamaa is close by. Come and get to know places that you had no idea about before or that you have mostly just driven through. Seize the day, as the classics say.

Järva-Jaani järve vaade

The picturesque journey will smoothly lead you to the Väätsa nature reserve, on the circular hiking trail you can experience a surprisingly diverse bog landscape in a short time. Most likely, you will hear the invitation to come and see the fresh winter road of Paide, which winds over the picturesque Mündi bog and connects the city of Paide with the village of Valgma. The path with the most literary background in Estonia naturally leads through the Kodru bog, still down from Vargamäe and with a long stride towards the beautiful Järva-Madis church. Or, instead, you would like to swing on Estonia’s largest marsh massif, the Seli and Kakerdaja marshes, where, by the way, it is a wonderful opportunity to start the day with an exhilarating SUP trip, enjoy peace and birdsong, and feel the rays of the rising sun warming you through the crisp marsh.

Jalgrattur Kakerdaja rabas

The Paides Wittenstein Activity Museum offers exciting activities for the whole family. Tests you and gives you a lot of knowledge. For a couple of hours, you can completely forget time and space around you and immerse yourself in the activities of preparing herbs in the pharmacy, helping a patient in the doctor’s office or exploring the Baltic-German food culture.

With the help of a guide, successfully acquire craft skills with some very tasty results. How about, for example, home-made ice cream, poktel or cottage cheese? Or is it your preference instead? The milkmaids of the Estonian Dairy Museum encourage and guide you to squeeze the best out of milk, literally. Pure Estonian white gold.

Paide tegevusmuuseumis kaks tüdrukut ekspositsiooni vaatamas

During the day, you can also travel in a time machine along the winding roads and paths of history. For example, in the nice themed museums of Järvamaa, which by name are not exactly history museums, but nevertheless talk about the course of time in Estonia, each from their own point of view. In the bicycle museum located in Väätsa, you can literally walk along the timeline, exploring the magnificent collection of bicycles, as well as other rarities, which are sweet pearls for every history buff. The Broadcasting Museum in Türil and the Trolley Museum in Kärus offer many generations the pleasure of recognition and the opportunity to travel back in time to their childhood. Figuratively speaking, you have returned to the childhood of the Estonian people on Vargamäe, where, of course, the folk writer Tammsaare takes pride of place, but it is also a small open-air museum that introduces farm life in the century before last.

Eesti Ringhäälingumuuseumis

The atmosphere of the last century also floats in the museum center of Järva-Jaani, where you can find almost everything, from gas masks to fire engines. And you won’t feel such an iron-robert-like itch in yourself anywhere else than in Järva-Jaani, in the shelter of old equipment. You look and think how the teeth of time bite iron and time flies. The stories about Maljuta Skuratov, Rimsky-Korsakov and the four kings are told in the highest limestone tower in Järva County, which looks far away over the rooftops of Paide.

Käru muuseum