Väätsa Nature Reserve, hiking trail

Väätsa hiking trail, which is 3 km long, is located in the Väätsa Nature Reserve in Järva County. The purpose of the nature reserve is the protection of bogs, mires, and bog forests. The start of the hiking trail is marked with an information board. On Väätsa hiking trail, you can see a section of the ancient Paide-Tallinn winter road, which is well-preserved on the 1.2 km bog section. The average thickness of peat on the winter road is more than 3 m. During the period of the manor, the bog pools in the middle of the bog were connected with ditches that are visible to this day to dampen the meadows in the upper course of Lokuta River. The area between the bog pools with a modified water regime is covered by a unique 100-year-old bog pine grove.