16 - Vägeva-Mäo bicycle route

Vägeva crossroad (0 km) – Piibe crossroad (6 km) – Koeru (18 km) – Müüsleri (28 km) – Peetri (32 km) – Öötla (39 km) – Mäo (47 km)On this route, you will discover what is known as the heart of Estonia, located near the centre of the country. It also links routes 2 and 4. This cycling route begins at the Vägeva crossroad, which can be reached by Route 4. After a 6-kilometre ride you will find a small village called Piibe, the namesake of Piibe highway, an alternative road between Tallinn and Tartu. Koeru and Peetri are the two most significant settlements along this route, and in case of hot weather you can take a refreshing dip in Lake Väinjärv. The route ends at the Mäo crossroad. Most of the route runs along small paved roads. There are currently about 5 km of unpaved roads and about 8 km of cycling paths. You can take the train to Vägeva to reach the start of this route. To get from Mäo to Türi railway station, we recommend taking Route 2.