Sweet springtime

It may be different with other seasons, but the arrival of spring cannot be overlooked. Flowers, birds, smells, sounds, light – spring brings a new beginning and humans follow the lead of nature. Every year the same, every year charmingly fresh.

This year we’ve all been home too long, now it’s time for the great outdoors. Long walks are the talk of the day. Avoiding the crowds, finding your own space and time. ajakeskus Wittenstein tegevusmuuseum

For example at Vargamäe, the iconic Estonia, where you can admire the various farm buildings and learn quite a bit about the Estonian way of life in days gone by. There’s even a brand new exhibition to explore and it’s accessible within the current limitations.

One of the most meaningful hiking routes starts from the museum’s doorstep and takes you to Järva-Madise church, as seen on the big screen in the epic drama „Truth and Justice“. Walking across the bog in springtime is miraculous. Don’t just take our word for it, go and see for yourself.

Norra-Oostriku allikal

Or take your pick from any of the other trails around Järva county. Some more popular, others rather off the beaten track. Have you been to Norra-Oostriku springs? If not, now is just the time. Listen to the water, reflect on your day, sip the fresh spring water and enjoy the spring around you. To explore the secret gardens of nature, find a local guide to take you to places you would never find on your own.

Spring is a special season for Järva county also for one very special reason. Türi, Järva county’s second town after Paide, takes the lead in March and proudly bears the title of Estonian „spring capital“. Known for the annual flower fair and pretty private gardens, Türi looks its best during the blooming season with cherry trees by the lake followed by tulip and narcissus fields at the nearby Kirna manor. No wonder that the beautiful views draw thousands of visitors every spring.

Kirsiallee Türi tehisjärve ääres

Spring is also a time to make new furry friends. Meet the deer at Toosikannu, alpacas at Wile farm or ostriches at Sassi farm – take care to make an appointment beforehand, as both animals and their keepers need to fit your visit into their busy schedules.

Kirna park