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Opinion Festival / Arvamusfestival

9. august 2024 - 10. august 2024
Paide kesklinnas - , Paide

Opinion Festival takes place in Paide on August 13.14. 2021 The eigth Opinion Festival brings discussions and debates to life in the ideal environment, inspiring people to create new ideas and deeds, bringing them together. Through this, the Festival aims to develop a culture of discussion within society. We invite everyone toparticipate, so that the many different voices and opinions of people in Estonia will be heard in discussions. 

Viking Window Paide – Türi public race

22. september 2024
, Paide linn, Paide

In 2024, the popular sporting event will take place for the 42nd time. It's possible to participate in various distances and races of different difficulty levels. For information about the distance, please refer to the competition's website. The folk run is conducted according to the regulations of the Estonian Athletics Association and this guide.