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A Little Journey / Väike teekond - Eesti tuur 2023

2. oktoober 2023
Türi Kultuurikeskus - Hariduse tn 1, Türi linn, Türi vald

Pianist and composer Alexander Motovilov, whose works have resonated with millions of listeners around the world, invites you to immerse yourself in the enigmatic and mesmerizing atmosphere of his piano music. In the concerts of the "A Little Journey" tour, accompanied by an exceptional string trio, the composer's most renowned pieces will be showcased. These compositions have garnered recognition across major digital music platforms and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, with approximately 40,000,000 listens. This is your chance to experience live music that has touched the hearts of countless people across the globe.   "Truthfully, when I decided to release a few of my piano compositions three years ago during the pandemic, which were initially intended for a narrow audience: my friends - professional musicians, or just for myself, my wife, and my little son, I couldn't have imagined that my very first released track would accumulate nearly a million listens within a month, and less than a year later, reach 8 million. It was an absolute shock. Suddenly, I started receiving warm feedback and words of gratitude from a vast number of ordinary people worldwide. Naturally, this completely transformed my life: I left my job at the theater and delved into what I love doing most in the world - composing music.   Over these three years, my audience has significantly grown, with millions of people having heard my music. It has been featured in over a hundred thousand videos on social media platforms. However, there's a catch - no one has ever seen me, and I've never had the chance to see even a small fraction of my listeners in person. This realization has prompted me to make a change, to step onto the stage. I'm incredibly eager to witness the genuine live reactions to my music.   So, I warmly invite you to my concerts, where I await each and every one of you with immense anticipation and gratitude. My deepest thanks go to my friends—extraordinary musicians Anna Samsonova, Enno Lepnurm, and my wife, Daria Motovilova—for their incredible support and for agreeing to perform alongside me as the string trio in these concerts. See you soon!"   - Alexander Motovilov.  

Christmas windows and Christmas market in Väätsa

3. detsember 2023 - 6. jaanuar 2024
Väätsa rahvamaja vaateaknad - Pikk tänav 3, Väätsa alevik, Türi vald

The whole community decorates numerous Christmas windows of the community centre. 45 windows have been decorated, many of which move, rotate, and turn. There will be a Christmas market in front of the community centre on three evenings. At first, the window project was a way for locals to create something special together. Now, however, it is a unique tourist attraction for visitors that does not exist elsewhere in Estonia. After admiring the windows, you can visit the Estonian Bicycle Museum. Come and see how the windows are decorated this year!

Filmimuusika gala

27. jaanuar 2024
Paide Muusika- ja Teatrimaja - Pärnu tänav 18, Paide linn, Paide

Film Music ConcertJanuary 19th at 19.00 at the Grand Building of Vanemuine January 20th at 19.00 at the Grand Building of Vanemuine January 22nd at 17.00 at the Pärnu Concert Hall January 25th at 19.00 at the Paide Music and Theatre Hall The Film Music Concerts will feature performances of the best of Estonian and world film music. The audience can experience the joy of recognition with music from films such as Schindler’s List, Man of Steel, Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel, Arabella, the Pirate’s Daughter and The Secret Society of Souptown, as well as film music by Henry Mancini.  Conductor Martin Sildos Soloists Uku Suviste, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Rasmus Kull, Saara Nüganen Vanemuine symphony orchestra and band  

Opinion Festival / Arvamusfestival

9. august 2024 - 10. august 2024
Paide kesklinnas - , Paide

Opinion Festival takes place in Paide on August 13.14. 2021 The eigth Opinion Festival brings discussions and debates to life in the ideal environment, inspiring people to create new ideas and deeds, bringing them together. Through this, the Festival aims to develop a culture of discussion within society. We invite everyone toparticipate, so that the many different voices and opinions of people in Estonia will be heard in discussions.